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The truth is, premium-efficient motors are only one part of the drivetrain. And while you can certainly save energy by replacing a motor with a premium-efficient model, you can also save even more by looking at your entire drivetrain.

Thatís why SEW has released the energy-efficient DR motor series as part of its line of energy saving, highly efficient drives and gearmotors. With the addition of the new DR motor series, SEW can provide optimal customization for cost savings, and deliver total drivetrain efficiency.

The modular DR motor offers a single series with millions of drive combinations in three efficiency levels. Other customizable options include brake size, cost-optimized encoders, mounting type, and a myriad of options suited for specific industry problems and applications. And, it is space- and cost-efficient, due to its compact design.

Available in horsepower from fractional to 300, with the ability to cycle thousands of times per hour, the new DR motor series is the newest piece in the energy savings puzzle. Download the brochure or press release for more information and full specifications, and start saving money with your drivetrain.